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Using Nelson's Grow-N-Thrive with Orchids,
Bromelliads, and African Violets
Nelson's Grow-N-Thrive has been used for years by orchid growers and enthusiats to produce beautiful plants with multiple spikes and blooms. Since Grow-N-Thrive derives less than 50% of its Nitrogen source from Urea, its balanced 8-8-8 formula makes a gentle and effective fertilizer for orchids of all varieties, bromelliads, and African violets.

For Orchids - Mix 1 teaspoon of Grow-N-Thrive per gallon of water. Feed your plants once per week with this solution. Every fourth week, flush with plain water. In a low humidity environment, such as inside a house in the winter time, mist the leaves often, preferably daily with the same 1 teaspoon solution. In low light areas, reduce the feeding schedule to once every two weeks and water once per week between feedings. Try to keep the air moving around your plant but away from heating or cooling vents. You should experience multiple spikes and blooms several times a year. Be sure to change the potting media once every two years. Carefully extract the old media and plant from the pot, gently shake off the old media from around the rhizomes or roots, remove any dead rhizomes or roots, then repot with fresh media. There are several different media mixes you can buy from orchid supply stores and garden centers. After repotting, water with the above solution to minimize transplant shock and to help the plant off to a good start.

For African Violets - Use same directions as above, but do not mist the leaves.

For Bromeliads - Feed with the same schedule and solution as above, or you can feed once per month with a solution of one tablespoon per gallon. It is O.K. to fill the "cup" of the Bromeliad with this solution or pour it onto the planting media. If you fill the cup, be sure to rinse it with plain water from time to time.

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Testimonials from NHGC members.

“I would recommend this product to anyone wanting more lush vegetables.  Grow-N-Thrive produced more vegetables than the other fertilizer.”

“Excellent product.  Used on fall foliage and tomatoes.  Worked wonders.”

“My orchid is 4 yrs. old and never bloomed.  After using Grow-N-Thrive for 2-1/2 months, it now has a bloom about to open.  Love their product website for helpful information.”

“It is especially good on bonsai.  This is a marvelous product and should be used on a regular basis by any gardener.”

“My cactus grew 2 feet in 8 weeks.”